Our Passion

Proudly Serving Morgan Baily Coffee


Watching Norma’s Baristas is a transformational work of art, taking the simple Morgan Bailey specialty coffee beans and converting them into a sensational beverage; that can only be described by experiencing one of “Norma’s favorite, a phenomenal espresso”, “Lilyana’s go to - a freshly ground pour over”, or “Simply create your own Barista concoction.”

Delectable Bites


Inspired by our talented and creative in-house Pastry Chef’ whose shear delight is pairing tantalizing Delicacies with your favorite specialty drink (s). These pastry Bites are organically created fresh daily and enhanced by authentic Italian Gelato, Superbly Crafted Chocolate (s) from World Class Chocolatier’s.

Organic Loose Leaf Teas


Brewed to Perfection: We invite you to explore a high quality great tasting premium loose leaf Tea, that will create an experience you will never forget.

About Us


About Us

Over the years traveling in search of great specialty Coffees and Teas; Norma, and her daughter Lilyana enjoy strengthening their bond by sharing these simple melodic beverages. One of their favorites is pairing mouthwatering pastries or deserts that compliments the  notes of their beverage.   It is through these amazing experiences that “Delicacies By Norma” was created.

A Treat For Our K-9 Companions

Frozen Vegan Desert (s)

Designed exclusively for your k-9 friend, an Ice Vegan Desert

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Delicacies By Norma

MANAGED BY E.R.I.N. Industries, Inc. 


Monday - Wednesday:  6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Thursday - Sunday: 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.